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IMPORTANT Books and Authors‬ 2016

IMPORTANT Books and Authors‬ 2016

Dear reader 

 Here is the complete list of books and authors  launched in 2016. which will helpful to you in upcoming Exam like ibps , ssc and other exam. 

True Colours — Adam Gilchrist

Storm Over the Sutlej–Akali

Politics — A.M. Narang

My Life Struggle — Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Asking for Trouble — Amreek Singh

Sandy Storms — Sandeep Patil

Runs in Ruins — Sunil Gavaskar

Assam-A Valley Divided — Shekhar Gupta

Speaking for My Life — Cherry Blair

The Things About Thugs — Tabish Nair

The Heritage of Sikhs — Harbans Singh

Secular Perception in Sikh Faith — K.M. Duggal

Basanti — Bhishma Sahani

Rich Like Us — Nayantara Sehgal

Reflection on our Time — P.N. Haksar

Hinduism — Nirad C. Chaudhari

Bliss was in that Dawn — Minoo Masani

Netaji and Gandhi — Shashi Ahluwalia

Survivors — Randheer Khare

Alone in the Multitude — Amrita Pritam

Swami and Friends — R.K. Narain

Terrorism in India — Shaileshwar Jha

Struggle For Change — K.B. Lal

The Indian Epics Retold — R. K. Narayan

Indian Drama — Chelapati Rao

The Last Hero — Mihir Bose

You cannot Please every one — Kavita Sarkar

Mrs. Gandhi’s Second Regime — Arun Shourie

The Emerging Developing Countries — P.G. Salve

Pakistan-The Gathering Storms — Benazir Bhutto

The Morarji Papers — Arun Gandhi

The Lord of the Flies — William Goldings

Agnigarbha — Amrat Lal Nagar.

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