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SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked in 10 th January 2017

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked in 10 th January 2017 

Dear Readers,
SSC CHSL Tier 1 ( 10 th January 2017 ) Exam is over now.  If you are Looking For Questions asked in SSC CHSL Exam of 10 th January, 2017. Here we are sharing some of Questions which was asked in  exam. All Questions are based On memory.

  GK Questions asked In SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 Shift - 1 ( 10  JAN 2017 )

1) Where is Ranthambore fort situated  - Rajasthan

2) Hind Swaraj  book Writter Name - Mohandas K. Gandhi 

3) What is the velocity of object at maximum height -  zero

4) Eldest Pandava Brother’s name - Yudhishthira

5 ) From which country "Fundamental Duties" is taken in Indian constitution - Russia

6) Scientific name of Neem  - Azadirachta indica

7) Oscar winner actress for 2016 - Brie Larson for Room

8) Which fundamental right cannot be suspended - Right to Life and Personal Liberty

9) Who played role of Gandhi in Oscar winning movie Gandhi  - Ben Kingsley

10) Dogri is the language of which state  -Jammu  

11) Full form of PVC - Polyvinyl chloride

Second Shift Questions Will  be updated Soon 

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