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India’s Ranking in World 2016

  India’s Ranking in World 2016   

• Crony capitalism Index—9th  (topped-russia)

• Shooting sport federation—4th (topped-Italy)

• Steel importers—10th (topped-European union)

• In Access the electricity—137th

• FDI confidence index—9th (topped-US)

• Largest producer of e-waste—5th

• World press feerdom index—133rd (topped-finland)

• Ready made future cities—delhi 44th (topped-san jose)

• Huwaei global connectivity index—delhi 44th (topped-US)

• Manufacturing list by UNIDO—6th (topped-china)

• Remmitance recipient in 2015—1st

• World Happiness index—118th

• Anti doping—3rd

• Pollution—delhi 11th

• Largest oil consumer—3rd (topped-US)

• GRD index on ease of doing business—2nd

• FDI destination in 2015—1st

• Good country index—70th (topped-sweden)

• Footbal global index—163rd

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